WZ-II Double Effect Circulating Evaporator

WZ-II Double Effect Circulating Evaporator

WZ-II double effect circulating evaporator combines natural circulation with outside heating and negative pressure evaporation in vacuum condition.

Circulation evaporator is suitable for Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch and chemical liquids. This double effect circulating evaporator is especially suitable for low temperature vacuum concentration of thermo-sensitive materials. Users are welcomed to choose the series of concentrator according to the material process characteristics.

1.Double effect circulating evaporator features high concentration capacity, fast evaporation speed and easy to clean.
2.The finished liquid product from this circulation evaporator is characteristic of pollution-free and strong pharmaceutical ingredients.

Parameters of Double Effect Circulating Evaporator

Model Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) Heat Transfer Area (m2) Condensation Area (m2) Evaporating Temperature (℃) Vacuum Degree (Mpa)
Single Effect Double Effect Single Effect Double Effect
WZ-II-500 500 12 10 85 60 0.03 0.08
WZ-II-1000 1000 24 25 85 60 0.03 0.08
WZ-II-2000 2000 50 48 85 60 0.03 0.08

Yutong is located in economically developed Yangtze Riverdelta region, next to Shanghai shipping port and Shanghai airport, enabling us to save a large amount of transportation fees and time. Yutong has rich experience in designing and manufacturing double effect circulating evaporator, and a group of skilled workers with many years of production experience. All circulation evaporators have superior quality, so as to reduce the costs and losses from the rework. If you have any question about the products, please feel free to contact us. Customers are also welcomed to visit the company.

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