GFF Enhanced Air Stream Dryer

GFF Enhanced Air Stream Dryer

GFF enhanced air stream dryer machine is added an intensifier which can achieve infinitely variable control. The wet materials enter into the intensifier through a screw feeder and fully mix with the hot air, and then they are smashed into fine particles under the action of rotating cutter. So this drying equipment is suitable for a certain viscous materials.

GFF enhanced air stream dryer machine is especially used for drying filter cake, pasty and viscous materials and other materials that cannot use other pneumatic drying methods to be dried, such as resin, diatomite, silica gel catalyst, bone meal, chemical filer cake, copper sulfate, aluminum sulfate, sodium sulfate, calcium phosphate, calcium citrate, coal slime, clay, aluminum hydroxide, barium hydroxide, calcium lactate, cyanuric acid, carbon black, calcium carbonate, aluminum stearate, ferric oxide, maize gluten feed, pigment, dye and vinasse.

Features of Enhanced Air Stream Dryer Machine
GFF enhanced air stream drying equipment adopts strengthening crushing device, having low final moisture content, small space occupation and low height.


Model Evaporative Capacity (kg/h) Power (kw) Floor Space (m2) Height (m)
GFF-300 25 7.5 4 × 4 5.5
GFF-400 50 11 4 × 6.5 6.5
GFF-500 75 13 4 × 7 7.5
GFF-600 100 17 5 × 6 8.0
GFF-800 200 29 5 × 9 9.0

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