FG Exhaust Cycling Airstream Dryer

FG Exhaust Cycling Airstream Dryer

FG airstream drying machine is newly developed with exhaust gas circulation function. It is divided into two steps to complete wet materials drying. Compared with other air stream drying equipments, this dryer can save 20% to 48% energy.

FG airstream drying machine is used for drying non-viscous and loose materials, including starch, glucose, fish meal, sugar, draff, feed, gluten, plastic resin, coal dust and dye. Our air stream drying equipment can be extensively applied to dry powdery and granular materials in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries.

Compared with other air steam dryers, this airstream drying machine can save 30% energy due to its tail gas recycling. Therefore, this FG air stream drying equipment is characterized by high efficiency, fast speed, energy conservation and small space occupation.


Model Evaporation of Water (kg/h) Installed Powder (kw) Floor Space (m2) Heat Efficiency (%)
FG0.25 113 11 3.5 × 3.5 >70
FG0.5 225 18.5 7 × 5 >70
FG0.9 450 30 7 × 6.5 >70
FG1.5 675 55 8 × 7 >70
FG2.0 900 75 11 × 7 >70
FG2.5 1125 90 12 × 8 >70
FG3.0 1250 110 14 × 10 >70
FG3.5 1500 110 14 × 10 >70

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