FG Vertical Fluidizing Bed Dryer

FG Vertical Fluidizing Bed Dryer

FG vertical fluidizing dryer can utilize nitrogen as the carrier, which can effectively prevent oxidation and keep the original fragrance and protein component. By adopting special design, this fluid bed dryer enables to recycle organic solvent.

FG vertical fluidizing dryer is designed and manufactured for drying powdery or granular materials in the pharmaceutical, health care products, food, chemical and other industries.

Features of Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer
1.There is a filter bag built in the vertical fluidizing dryer. This machine has compact structure.
2.This drying equipment has no dead angle and is easy to clean.
3.There is no cross pollution between the material and air.
4.This fluid bed dryer operates under closed negative pressure, no dust explosion.
5.Using anti-static filter materials, our vertical fluidizing dryer operates safely and stably.
6.This fluidizing dryer meet the requirements of GMP standards.

Technical Parameters of FG Vertical Fluidizing Bed Dryer

Model FG3 FG5 FG30 FG60 FG120 FG200 FG300 FG500
Item Unit
Material Capacity Diameter mm 300 400 700 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800
Volume L 12 22 100 220 420 670 1000 1500
Production Capacity Minimum kg/batch 1.5 4 15 30 80 100 150 250
Maximum kg/batch 4 6 36 72 140 240 360 600
Steam Consumption kg/batch 12 23 70 140 211 282 366 465
Compress Air Amount m3/min 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.6 0.6 0.9 0.9 0.9
Fan Power kw 2.2 4 5.5 11 18.5 22 30 45
Temperature Normal temperature to 120℃ automatic adjustment
Material Yield % >99
Operating Time mini 15 to 30 (depending on materials)
Final Moisture Content % 0 to 0.2 (depending on materials)
Noise db ≤ 75
Height of Main Machine mm 2100 2300 2500 3000 3300 3800 4000 4400

Flow Chart of Vertical Fluidizing Dryer

As a China fluid bed dryer manufacturer and supplier, we have vertical fluidizing dryer, high efficiency boiling dryer for your choice. Yutong possesses 10 professional engineering and technical personnel and over 100 sets of processing equipment. Over the years, we make our effort to the development and production of granulating machine, drying machine, grinding machine and blending machine. Vertical fluidizing dryer as well as other machines must undergo a trial run in the workshop, and only those qualified products are allowed to leave the factory.

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