JRF Coal Hot Air Furnace

JRF Coal Hot Air Furnace

JFR coal fired hot air furnace, as a universal hot air device, can be used with kinds of material drying machineries. It is widely used for grain, seed, feed, fruit dehydration, vegetable, mushroom, edible fungus, tremella, tea, tobacco and other products. This hot-blast stove can also be used for heating and dehumidification in food, pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, light industrial products and heating of various facilities and warehouse dehumidification.

1. JFR coal fired hot air furnace integrates burning and heat transfer. It adopts the latest indirectly heating technology that uses the high temperature part of furnace body to transfer heat. Exhaust gas and air go in different ways, so this hot-blast stove can heat with no pollution.
2. Adopting high temperature resistance measures, it has longer life than tube type hot air stoves. Yutong coal fired hot air furnace also uses exhaust gas longitudinal flushing cooling fin and negative pressure type smoke exhausting method. There is no dust on the heat transfer part, so it is not necessary to clean and results in stable thermal performance.
3. Thermal efficiency can reach from 60% to 75%. This hot-blast stove features fast heating, small volume, convenient installation and low cost. Compared to one-ton boiler, the price of its heating system is half of that of boiler heating system.
4. JFR coal fired hot air furnace can use various coals or firewood as fuel and configure with secondary ventilation device to achieve full burning.
5. Each technical and economic indicator of this hot-blast stove can reached the domestic leading level.

Parameters of JFR Coal Fired Hot Air Furnace

Model Heat Output (×104 Kcal/h) Air Output Volume (m3/h) Temperature of Hot Air (℃) Coal Consumption(kg/h) Model of Exhaust Gas Induced Draft Fan Diameter of Furnace Body (D)
JRF-2.5 2.5-3 1500-560 60-200 10-12 Air Blower for Cooking Use 80-100 W 500
JRF-4 4-5 3500-930 60-200 14-17 Air Blower for Cooking Use 200-300 W 674
JRF-8 6-8 5600-1480 60-200 18-24 Air Blower for Cooking Use 350-550 W 730
JRF-15 10-15 12000-2160 60-300 40-45 Y5-47 4C 2.2 kW 1460
JRF-30 25-30 25000-4330 60-300 80-90 Y5-47 4C 3.0 kW 1950
JRF-60 55-60 45000-8660 60-300 150-175 Y5-47 4C 4 kW 2210
JRF-100 80-100 84000-14400 60-300 220-290 Y5-47 5C 7.5 kW 2330
JRF-160 150-160 134400-23000 60-300 410-460 Y5-47 5C 15 kW 2412

Yutong is devoted to development and production of hot-blast stoves for many years. We emphasize scientific and technological innovation, and we cooperate with many famous colleges to develop new products. Our coal fired hot air furnaces are well received by more and more customers. Our company develops quickly and accumulates abundant capital and technology strength. We provide a variety of hot-blast stoves for customers to test and inspect.

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