LHG Ribbon Vacuum Dryer Machine

LHG Ribbon Vacuum Dryer Machine

LHG ribbon vacuum drying machine is a high-efficiency vertical type drying equipment which integrates drying, crushing, vacuum decompression and mixed powder. Its drying efficiency is three to five times of the same specification double cone vacuum dryer.
This ribbon vacuum dryer machine is used for drying powdery materials in the pharmaceutical, nourishment, nourishment, food, chemical, pesticide and other industries. The whole process can achieve closed continuous operation. This vacuum drying machine is the preferred equipment for the above industries.

Features of Ribbon Vacuum Dryer Machine
1.The working process of LHG drying machine uses intermittent operation, after the wet materials enter into the stock bin, through the wall jacket to heat and dry the materials. Transmission shaft heating is also available, which can heat more sufficiently.
2.With overall sealing system, non-pollution and high purity, this ribbon vacuum dryer is especially used for mixing and drying pharmaceutical intermediates and crude drugs as well as sterile APIs.
3.This ribbon vacuum drying machine adopts small angle taper type tube structure, which makes quick unloading speed, clean and no accumulations.
4.LHG ribbon vacuum dryer machine possesses compact structure, smooth movement, simple operation and long service life.

Main Components
LHG ribbon vacuum drying machine consists of motor, reducer, rack, mechanical seal, filer, helical ribbon mixer, conical cylinder with jacket heating and discharging valve.

Parameters of LHG Ribbon Vacuum Dryer Machine

Model Volume (L) Each Handling Capacity (kg) Material Diameter (mesh) Motor Power (kw)
LHG-1000 1000 400 to 600 20 to 600 7.5
LHG-1500 1500 600 to 900 20 to 600 11
LHG-2000 2000 800 to 1200 20 to 600 15
LHG-3000 3000 1200 to 1800 20 to 600 22
LHG-4000 4000 1600 to 2400 20 to 600 30

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