SG Tunnel Hot Air Oven

SG Tunnel Hot Air Oven

As a professional drying equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, Yutong Company provides SG tunnel hot air oven, CT-C hot air circulating oven and DMH double door sterilization oven for your selection. The materials on the conveyer are in stationary state. The conveyer in the drying oven moves forward along the tunnel. The dried materials are fed and discharged from the both ends of the drying equipment.

SG tunnel hot air oven is widely suitable for drying dehydrated vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products. Additionally, this drying equipment can be used for drying calcining wooden materials, ceramics and all kinds of granular materials.

1.This drying oven is characterized by large charging amount and simple operation.
2.SG tunnel hot air oven adopts central heating method, which facilities the connection of heat source like coal, fuel gas, hot blast heater and conduction oil furnace.
3.This drying equipment can be customized according to the demands of customers.

Technical Parameters of SG Tunnel Hot Air Oven

Model Each Charging Amount (kg) Matched Power (kw) Drying Amount (sets) Auxiliary Drying Tray (pcs) Heating Radiating Area (m2)
SG-11 1000 20.2 22 528 200
SG-16 1500 26.2 30 720 300
SG-22 2000 32.0 40 960 400
SG-30 2500 38.2 50 1200 500
SG-36 3000 38.2 60 1440 600

Yutong is a specialized drying equipment manufacturer in China. Over the years, we have been committed to producing high quality drying machines, such as spray dryer, vacuum dryer, belt dryer, tunnel hot air oven and so on. We implement strict quality control system to guarantee the performance drying equipment. The quality of drying machine is repeatedly checked during each stage of production. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of tunnel hot air oven as well as other drying machines.

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