QG Pulse Air Stream Dryer

QG Pulse Air Stream Dryer

QG air stream drying machine enables to change the running speed of the materials and improve the drying efficiency by adding the pulse tubes, so that the materials can stay a relatively longer time in the dyer and can be fully dried.

QG pulse air stream dryer is suitable for drying loose and small viscosity materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Typically, this air stream drying machine can dry materials such as methaqualone, ABC intermediates, ABS resin, A.S.C, white carbon black, oxalic acid catalyst, catalytic agent, powdered carbon, titanium dioxide, activated carbon, sodium fluosilicate, silica powder, synthetic resin, calcium phosphate, polypropylene resin, chlortetracycline, sodium metasilicate, sodium sulfate, sulfide ore, phosphate rock powder, tetracycline, ferric oxide, calcium carbonate, iron oxide, and so on.

Features of Pulse Air Stream Dryer
1.Heat source can choose steam heating, fire coal, fuel oil or hot blast stove.
2.QG air stream drying machine possesses high drying strength and strong evaporation capacity (50kgH2O/h to 1500kgH2O/h).
3.This drying equipment is used for drying thermosensitive materials due to its short drying time. The finished products do not contact with the outside world, no pollution and good quality.

Flow Chart of QG Pulse Air Stream Dryer

Parameters of QG Air Stream Drying Machine

Model Evaporation of Water (kg/h) Installed Powder (kw) Floor Space (m2) Height (m)
QG50 50 7 17 8
QG100 100 13 28 10
QG200 200 21 36 10
QG250 250 24 55 12
QG500 500 43 80 12
QG1000 1000 100 110 14
QG1500 1500 150 130 15

Yutong specializes in designing and manufacturing air stream drying machine. Over the years, we make our effort to the development and production of drying machine, granulating machine, grinding machine and mixing machine. With the advantages of easy operation, stable performance and reasonable prices, pulse air stream dryers are popular in America, Britain, Germany, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Nigeria and Mexico. If you want air stream drying machines, please feel free to contact us.

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